Kasseem Dean better known as Swizz Beatz has enrolled in Havard Business school, and recently sat down with The Breakfast Club to discuss why he decided to return to school, his experiences as an ON CAMPUS student, and why we should respect Diddy's honorary doctorate from Howard.

Why he decided to go back to school: I just felt like you have to keep graduating your brand. A lot of people get complacent with their success and things that they’ve done before and I just wasn’t comfortable with that because I started transitioning from producer to business owner. I would be in these rooms and, no matter how big the deal was or how good it is, people would still look at me like ‘Oh, he’s the rapper guy. He’s the rapper friend.’ 

On now living in a dorm: It was amazing to go from my crib to a dorm room...My room so small, I can’t even have a roommate. Twin bed. I got my own shower. It’s just a humbling experience because that same small room could’ve been my jail cell.

Swizz will complete his program in 2016 and join Tyra Banks as a Havard alumni.  
imagery: instagram @therealswizzz

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  1. Swizz is really trying to take things to another level in life. You have to respect him for that.

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