2013 was a break-out year for Black films, and the success is trickling down to the small screen. The proof: there are four new black TV shows set to debut this fall that are not reality shows.

"If I'm not really Black, then could someone please tell my hair and my ass?" [lol] This fall ABC is adding some diversity to its lineup with the Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson sitcom Black-ish. The show is centered around a successful Black family living in a more-than-white neighborhood. Throw a gang of kids in the mix and watch the comedy ensue.

Over on Fox, Terrance Howard, Taraji P. Henson and Jussie Smollett star in Empire. The show is about the family behind a hip hop empire. Think Diddy and Bad Boy Records if it were a drama.  

Halle Berry takes a turn on the small screen for Extant.  The star plays an astronaut who is readjusting to everyday life after returning home from a year-long space mission. This show will premiere on CBS July 9 - I won't be watching. 

Viola Davis and Shonda Rhimes? Jesus take the wheel! Rhimes teams up with the Academy Award nominee for her new ABC series How to Get Away with Murder. Davis plays an intense criminal defense professor who doesn't play games in the courtroom or in class. This show will also have an intense lead-in -- Scandal!

Do you plan to support these series this summer and fall?
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  1. Empire and How to Get Away With Murder. I'm adding them to my list. Getting rid of Revenge and The Following to make room for them!

  2. Quick says:

    Yes - i plan to tune into them all except Extant lol

  3. These look like some pretty good shows coming out. I am kinda excited

  4. Anonymous says:

    Halle n Viola will be the faces that make their shows 'black' shows, but they will have all white castmates around them...hollywood 101 to try to gain blk viewers..they might be great shows, but they're not black shows when most of the cast is white..look at all of Viola's students in the screengrab...jus sayin

  5. Quick says:

    @Anon - my point exactly. African American leading ladies - not common! Just saying.

  6. gigionthat says:

    I hope it works out, and not get canceled

  7. Looks like some pretty decent shows. I am not here for the Astronaut show, lol...I should be watching because it's about time the black female LEAD isn't a WHORE. But I don't think I'm that refined to watch a show about someone coming home from outterspace...Baby buhbye.

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