Beyonce is to Destiny's Child as Justin Timberlake is to 'N Sync. Aside from the lead singer analogy, B and JT have another thing in common - successful collaborations.  It's hard to believe, but these two artists have joined forces throughout their rise to solo stardom. First, there was the unexpected slow jam "Until the End of Time"in 2007:

Then, they joined forces again for Jay-Z's "BBC" which also featured Pharrell and Nas.

Their most recent collaboration can found on B's self-titled album. JT co-wrote "Rocket" and "Partition" - two of my favorite tracks! Watch Beyonce narrate the creation of "Rocket" below:

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  5. Justin co-wrote Partition. Go ahead Justin Timberlake...that's one of my jams, too. Rocket gets a little long after awhile for me. But I actually love this album more than any other albums, except maybe her first.

  6. Justin has been doing quality work behind the scenes. I love Rocket.

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