Today, I got a chance to catch up with Platinum Hit winner, Sonyae Elise, to talk about her experience on the Bravo reality show, her new music, and her passion for fashion. Sonyae stood out from the other PH singer-songwriters with her clever lyrics and kept us laughing with her frequent "Yes b*tch!" exclamations.

Now that the show is over, Sonyae is focused on both launching her own career and cranking out hits for her peers.

QCU: You dominated the last four episodes of Platinum Hit. Two of those wins were with a team, and two wins were by yourself. When you're writing, do you prefer to collaborate with other people, or do you like to write alone?

SE: I don't mind either way. I learned to use Pro Tools a few years ago, so i'm pretty self-sufficient and i usually record myself alone...i did that for my whole mixtape. Collaborating is also super dope for me.

QCU: What is your favorite song from Platinum Hit?

SE: "Stranger to Love" and "My Religion" are a close tie. "Stranger to Love"...i love that song. The music and concept mix together into one beautiful, perfect little love song. I like "My Religion" because it's controversial, and it can go to many different meanings. It could be someone talking about their religion, literally, or the love that they have for somebody. It's a universal song.

QCU: Now that you are signed to RCA/Jive and have a publishing deal with The Writing Camp, are you primarily focused on developing yourself as an artist or pitching songs to other acts?

SE: Both. I'm sure that i can build them simultaneously. I might be in the mood to write a song that will have nothing to do with what we're putting together for my album, then i can pitch that to someone else.

QCU: You have a new mixtape out, Lady Rebel Vol. 2, and the songs aren't titled, they're "symbol-ed." Can you tell us the meaning behind that?

SE: I'm indecisive when it comes to titles! I just looked at symbols and whatever stood out to me the most and connected with the song, it's like...i'm using that one! The mixtape is just symbolic to me. I should have called the whole tape gossip, because I'm putting my whole business out there! I love that like it right!?

QCU: I love it! Especially track gets played back three times in a row.

SE: I think I've show a lot of growth from LRV1, so i'm definitely happy about that.

QCU: During the show, you always had a great look. Are we going to see you dipping your toes into the fashion industry?

SE: Absolutely. I sure will be all up in the fashion realm! If you notice, any artist who is involved with fashion is always relevant if they do it right. I got a good sense of personal style, but also have an awesome stylist. His names is James Knox and he's young like me and we're grinding together! We do a pretty good job.


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